Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking backwards

Oooh la la....yes French people really do say this a lot.....French class was not a total success, I know loads of words but no grammar and very little glue in between the words. So when I failed to rewrite a poem in the past tense on the spot........I realised some more swotting is required..yeurk. verbs......remove the er and add an é.......but of course it isn't that easy eh. Never mind practice practice...Link for my homework.

When I am taking photographs I look all around and that includes backwards. The light changes and clouds move I might miss something. I now notice so much more around me, and photography teaches you to look at the whole picture.

Look UP.

Look Down

Look Forwards??????........what am I looking forward to??.......maybe my French class ...haa


bindu said...

I like that trees, sun and sky picture - very stark.

Blu said...

thanks that was earlier this year..

Traveller said...

Very sensitive entry.I love the ending-'what am I looking forward to?'
Great visuals. :)