Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fishy story

Once upon a time there lived a hermit in Spain his name was Pelayo. One night in about the year 830 he was guided by stars and discovered a tomb!.....It was the tomb of Saint James, however he is known in France as Saint Jacques.

So this place were the tomb was discovered becomes a place for pilgrims. The place is Santiago de Compostela.

Some of the pilgrims died on the way as they travelled along the chemins (countryside road) some were attacked by bandits. Then as a penance when you were almost there you had to crawl on your knees for several dozen meters!!. I read that they tied giant clam shells onto their knees..OUCH.

I think they have eased off the painfull knee crawling.

Have you ever heard of coquille Saint Jacques

Here is a picture that I took in the forest today of something very odd, I think that looks as though it should be on the sea bed!

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