Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ive been tagged

By French fancy.....I think that I am suposed to tag six bloggers.

Some blogs I comment on and others I never ever do.

Here are six blogs that I read often............Not including French fancy who I now read and coment on too.

Bindu TransientLives

Woolly Shepherds.......Smallholding in Somerset

Art Propelled

Cariad in Crete

One familys attempt at going greenish

ChrisnCarol only in Thailand

I am suposed to tell you six random things about me.

1. When camping with the school I was bitten by a mole and it swing from my finger! ouch

2. When camping with a boyfriend a mole decided to burrow and then create mole hills under our tent, and I was not amused and made a fuss. The next day I apologised to the people at the next tent but they were Danish..what is a mole they asked?

3. When camping once with my brother I was stung by a bee and discovered that I am allergic to bee stings.

4. When Youth Hostelling as a teenager I discovered I can jump over a barbed wire fence when chased by a cow.

5. When sailing in a strong wind goosewinging.....I discovered that you can land a boat on the shore without having to get into the water.

6. In my first job I believed a cashier was called Mr Fondle and shouted out his name across the banking hall only to discover his name was Mr Sullivan.

Talking about bees Here is a picture of a bee beetle.


French Fancy said...

Oh Blu, your random things made me laugh and laugh. I could picture each and every one, especially Mr Fondle (I'm laughing as I type this comment).

Great bee, I've never heard of a beetle bee before (not easy to say that)

bindu said...

hilarious random things! Looks like you've had quite a few encounters with animals. Great bee picture too. Thanks for the tag, but I was tagged for 7 random things just a couple of posts ago - so could I skip this one?

Blu said...

Bindu how about 6 favorite words instead.

bindu said...

hmm ... ok, I'll have to think about this and see which words make it. :)

Traveller said...

As usual.......witty!!