Monday, November 10, 2008

The poem that doesnt go away

Chanson de la Seine.

Guess what we still have to remember the poem, only one person in our group really managed to recite it.

One of the lines is Et sans se faire de mousse

......mousse has a few different meanings.
Chocolate mousse, bubbles in beer or champagne, and we are told it also means worries, and so this river has no worries, sans se faire de mousse. The river may flow but this poem doesn't. I have also been asked to stand up and talk about my photographs. AGH......

Green Mousse.......Moss

Bubbles on the water, mousse, after heavy rain and they open the sluice gates to let the water gush through.

Fougeres castle.

I have no photographs of chocolate mousse, because I would have eaten it!


Traveller said...

Maybe show the empty glass!!
Just show them the photos.........they'll be stunned into admiring silence. :))

bindu said...

Whom are you going to show your photographs to? I'm sure they will be awed by them.