Monday, November 17, 2008

More left handed rubbish

It appears that the world is unhappy if you dont conform. French fancy commented on the left hand connection with sinister. Left handed link here. and the word left here.

Politically speaking the Left have been in the news the last couple of days and Sarkozys sparring partner has been getting a rough ride, here she is, Seg.

Many people think that a great amount of the problems in France today have been caused by too much left wing thinking. Personally I just sit back and watch, or go outside and take sinister or spooky photographs.

Diable (devil) is a masculine word, they got it right for once tee hee. Here is a link to the devil!

Must go to bed before I write any more diabolical links.


bindu said...

The cloud looks like a man with two horns! :)

Blu said...

yes I thought he looked like the devil.

French Fancy said...

I'm so unobservant I went back and checked the cloud after reading your comments - it's true, it looks just like a profile and above it two horns.

Re politics - I think most political parties are corrupt bodies that promise everything and don't just deliver nothing but actually make things worse. What is the answer though Total anarchy would be worse. I dunno, I just stay in my Brittany bubble and watch the world destroy itself

French Fancy said...

I popped back just to add that every now and then I make myself use my left hand to do pretty much everything for that day. That's just in case I ever lose the power to use my right hand.It's good I don't have to write much on that day though - it would never be an essay planning day :)

Traveller said...

All essays should be planned French Fancy!!

The Italian idea for 'left hand' being 'sinister' is connected to a right-handed person drawing their sword 'from the left'-so they were suspicious of something unexpectedly coming from the left.

Love languages. :)))

French Fancy said...

hello blu - I've given you a link to increase your doggy knowledge