Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas colour

Did you get something colourful to wear to brighten up the post Christmas blues?

There is plenty of snow here in France with many warnings on the weather forecast, but in Brittany, or Bretagne it has been wonderful sunshine but very cold wind.

Christmas is a great time for a walk, here is a shot that I took Christmas morning. The sun was so bright shining onto these beech leaves that have not fallen.

The French weather forecast Meteo.

Many coloured is bariolé.

Dazzle is éblouissment.

Back later with some more colour, I must go and put some logs on the wood burner.


Henry the Dog said...

We've had snow here in the Dordogne. It's been lovely - dead cold but sunny too - mum loves weather like that. Your photo is lovely. Mum gets all excited about leaves and stuff so she really appreciates your photos. Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

PS: she's quite impressed with that bread-making thingy after all but she's not sure if it's 'green';)

Blu said...

Umm green bread is not a good idea Henry..tee hee