Saturday, December 27, 2008

De bonne heure

It is not easy to get up when the days are short and the mornings are dark. It is also a disadvantage of no heating in the bedroom. It is so hard to leap out from under that warm duvet. Bright and early brrrrrrr.

I am trying to post some colourful pictures as in bright colours. When the sun shines at this time of year it can be incredibly bright.

Are you all having a good time? In between Fetes, how are you filling your time, playing with a new bread maker or digital camera?. I spent the afternoon loading pictures onto Flickr, watching French tv, and trying to keep warm. Am I the only one who is actually waiting for 2009 so that I can get back into doing things?

Here is my dog waiting for a horse in the field to look up at her.

French words, de bonne heure is bright and early.
Attendre to wait. Etymology link for attend


brocobelle said...

I'm with you, I love the New Year with its new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities. Love reading your blog as I have many friends near Fougeres and love the area. Wishing you a bonne annee, brocobelle

Blu said...

Yes Brocobelle I have to keep telling myself how lucky I am.