Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to reflect

We are fast approaching the new year so it is a good time to think about things that I enjoyed, or something I did that made me smile.

I have just been reading another blog which made me remember how pleased I was when I managed to photograph this wonderful dragonfly. Look really hard at those incredible wings.

I could show you exactly where I took that picture, if you were here. A bit futher down the track I saw these flowers in a garden which has no gardener, the house is not lived in.

Here is the blog that I was reading Brocobelle

The French word for dragonfly libellule here.


French Fancy said...

I've been very behind on all my favourite blogs over these festive days. All our pc's were put away and we vowed not to go online - and amazingly stuck to it. I see that I've missed a host of lovely photos and that you took to the stage- excellent!

One thing I did get round to just before Christmas day was hard pruning the front garden. Now just trillions of shrubs in the back garden to go.

If we don't speak again this year I hope that 2009 sees you and your loved ones in good health (and that your uncle recovers well) and that fun and frolics will be yours next year.

Blu said...

Cheers French fancy i missed your humour.

Femin Susan said...

Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!
Great! Keep posting
Good week………
" A Happy New Year''


Beautiful colours, nice images. Green the colour of life :) TF