Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Difficult Task & a big Thank You.

Well how lovely to receive an award from the witty French Fancy, because she likes the colour blue and my photographs. So a very big thank you, Merci Beaucoup mon ami.

The rules are:

Copy and paste the rules and instructions in your post.
When you post about receiving this award, make sure you include who gave you the award and link it back to them.
Post five winners and link it back to them as well.
Post five of your addictions.
Add the award image.
Let your winners know you gave them an award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

Dilemma not sure what the image is, post five winners AGH.. can I post the giver on the award as a receiver???
Because I am new to this blogworld I dont really have many followers, who leave comments and who have blogs of their own. Some of the blogs that I follow I dont leave comments on or not very often , so they might think that I am a nutter if I send them an award!! Maybe in a years time I may have a few more contacts in blogland!!

So sadly I am going to cheat.......

First here is a blue picture to thank French Fancy.

Five addictions,

1. Guess what the colour house is full of it.

2. Fougeres, I cannot get enough of it, wow what a fabulous town.

3. Wine, French bread, and cheese.

4. The internet, it is just great, and I spend a lot of time on it.

5. Taking photographs of trees, puddles, and castles.

Blogs that I would award.

1.French fancy because she is funny and chatty
2.Bindu at Transient Lives because she has the most fantastic blog with marvelous photographs. And I think you must all go and look there NOW.

3 The Woolly Shepherd because she really goes for it and works like a demon..

4. Fresh Start in a New Place........I was so sad when she stopped her hoo

5. Chris & Carol Only in Thailand, great blog and I hope that all is well.

I have recently started to follow Henry the dog diaries....but I noticed he doesn't want to be tagged, so I think an award is out of the question, many of the others I have only added in the last couple of weeks.

A castle and a reflection all at the same time Fougeres Bretagne France, just down the road.
Anyway must log off now and get some zzzzzzzzzzzz, night night. Blu xx


bindu said...

I LOVE that blue picture! It looks like an abstract painting. You should make a poster out of it. Thanks for the award. I have to look at the details, and will follow up soon. :)

Blu said...

Bindu, you post such brilliant pictures and write such a lovely blog, you are very welcome.

French Fancy said...

Aw thanks, Blu - I won't put it a second time on my sidebar though - I'd look greedy - but I take it in the spirit that it is given.

Yes, I also thought of Henry but the tagging meant that I couldn't either.

Thanks for yet another collection of beautiful piccies.

heheh - word veri was 'whine ' - it must know who its dealing with :)

Jude said...

Gosh,what wonderful photographs. I've got so much to learn.

Henry the Dog said...

Congrats on your award. I think your blog is lovely and your photos are simply fab. I hope you don't mind my not wanting to be tagged, it's only because I don't want to impose on others:)

My veri is multe - is that a mutation of moult? Something I don't do thank goodness:)

Blu said...

Hello Jude thanks for dropping in.

Val Grainger said...

Thanks for nominating my blog.....i am very humbled and honoured!