Friday, December 5, 2008

Easily distracted

Today was my "formal" French class and I was driving behind a JCB loaded on a truck,the plate stated 25kph and so I enjoyed the mud and spray, it was raining heavily again. Although I didn't arrive late they where already in full swing. I saw that my usual spot was not free and so I sat on "the other side of the room".
All went well for about half an hour. Then the rain stopped, then the sun came out, and because I was now opposite the large windows I looked out at the trees. I wasn't paying attention. I felt like I had gone back in time. I am foolish enough to have signed up for two classes which run back to back, and so I changed over to the other side of the room when some of "hour one" went home.

I am attending two hours class not because I am good at French

I am there for two hours because I am pretty bad.

Yet again the rain stopped me from going to the town of Fougeres and taking some photographs. I have checked the forecast for Saturday and I hope to get out and have a wander around the town.

Nice old door in Fougeres 1659

Nice old Tower on the castle.

Do you get easily distracted when sitting opposite a large window or is it just me?

Oh by the way 1659 is the year when the story book character Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked..... Just in case you want to need to know the word for shipwreck. naufrage.


bindu said...

The stories that old door could tell of those who passed by!! Lovely photo of the tower. I get distracted easily too. In India while in college, we had large, airy lecture halls that had windows open to the outside always. I clearly remember one exam where I had to stop writing and look outside - the rain has just stopped, and the red flowers of the Flame of the Forest were drenched and nodding there, and a cool breeze was drifting in. It was hard to get back to that exam! Your story reminded me of that. :)

Blu said...

Glad that it brought back that memory of the flowers.

French Fancy said...

I get distracted by everything actually. I do my studying in the dining room overlooking our beautiful view and I think gazing out can make me get inspiration for what to put.

Back to back classes sounds quite a chore. We went to French classes in our first year but I can honestly say that we made great inroads (is that the right word?) with the language through talking to the neighbours a lot and watching French tv. Formal classes seemed to be more about the expats chatting to each other off topic.

Lovely photos - but when aren't they? You are so talented.