Monday, December 15, 2008

Enchanted forests

Yesterday I went along to a Cathedral in a nearby town, in fact it is in Normandy. My friend was singing in the choral. The event started off with a group of children singing lovely French songs they were dressed in their red and white Santa Claus hats. The choral came on next, who sang beautifully, followed by a small orchestra who played a wide range of music including Pirates of The Caribean. The entertainment was finished off with more songs.

The Cathedral to me doesnt look that pretty outside but is lovely on the inside, a bit like some people!

My connection today is the word enchanted.
Here is my enchanted forest

Enchanté can mean delighted to meet you, although no one has said that to me yet!! ha ha

The French word to sing is chant.

Santa or Father Christmas is Pére Noel.


French Fancy said...

That's one of my favourite ever photos, Blu.Now that one should grace the cover of a book or a CD.

You might have wondered why I've not been on the forum much. I just seem to have gone off it - I don't know why, just one of those things.I do sometimes pop in and look at your photos though but I sneak away quietly.

bindu said...

This spot in this lighting looks like a cathedral too! I get religious feelings only when I'm out in nature in a forest like yours. :) I'm sure these old churches with so much history must be beautiful with the choral music now.

Blu said...

There are many old stones in the forests which must also have had some kind of religious symbolism.