Saturday, December 13, 2008

Connections and communications

This week in the forest when it was cold and icy I saw a puddle with strange shapes in the ice. I thought to myself,that looks like Runes, but what did I mean?. Later a friend who leaves encouraging comments on my Flickr said the same thing.

Here is the picture

Runes explained in Wikipedia. Maybe the ancients left me a message to put on my blog hee hee.

I think it says thank you for leaving a kind comment on my Blog!

Have a look on Vagabonds blog here for some smashing pictures of the moon, what the ancients must have thought about that big thing up in the sky. Bindu has some great shots here of where people lived for so very very long and she tells a great story.

Finally because it is very windy and wet outside, here is another puddle picture. The French word for puddle is flaque. The French word for vagabond is vagabond.


French Fancy said...

What lovely colours in those photos and, indeed, they do look like runes. How elemental.Brittany woods and forests are very mysterious, aren't they?

Henry the Dog said...

My mum loved those photos and those of the moon. Did you see the moon last night? It was huge. It brought the wolf out in me and made me want to howl.

bindu said...

Didn't know about the Runes, so thanks for pointing it out. I think these puddles form just for you and then rearrange themselves for others. ;) You should publish a book of your puddle pictures along with word associations. It would be totally unique!

Clare Mansell said...

That second puddle photo is beautiful, I'm going too look at puddles in a different way now! :-)

Blu said...

I may have started a little puddle appreciation society here...haa
I think forests are very mysterious too. I certainly didnt see the moon as clearly as Vagabond, lots of fog here. I do play around with the puddles after I have taken the shot but I dont have any fancy software. I think that they are like mirrors for the trees, and they need to look their best!

Robyn said...

Count me in! I appreciate the beautiful puddle photos.