Friday, December 12, 2008

All wrapped up

This week the weather has got colder and colder. From the sunny Saturday in the park to freezing fog Thursday and Friday. Hats and gloves, and warm jackets..wrapped up warm.

On Monday in the frost I saw a log which seemed to me to be all wrapped up too.

Then on Wednesday I saw a bow and ribbons in a frozen puddle.

Natures presents all wrapped up for free.

Maybe you had better choose something from the shop to wrap up your gifts.

A scarf écharpe or foulard. Pacquet..wrapped up a package. Cadeau......present.


~vagabond~ said...

The frozen puddle looks just so magical. Nice to see the change in seasons in your part of the world. :)

bindu said...

Such a snugly wrapped up tree! And it's nice to see another puddle photo from you - this one does look like it has a bow on it!

Blu said...

Thanks I am becoming a puddleaholic..

French Fancy said...

how did this one sneak past me? Yes, you do like your puddles:)