Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Sad

A friend on the forum that I use (Brittany Friends), made a post tonight about dogs being stood on while still alive and then later their skin is used as fur to be worn by us humans!. This is happening in China and goodness knows where else.

It is not just dogs it is cats too. I made a quick look on the Internet to see what information there is and it isn't good. I cannot watch footage of such horrors as animals being skinned alive.

Products from China for sale here in France have been on the news a lot this year, and it is always bad press. After several cases of people buying chairs imported from China, and then having terrible skin problems, the import of certain chairs from China are being banned. The chairs have been treated with some nasty chemical which has caused skin rashes.

I am probably guilty of buying something cheap from China myself, but I will not be wearing any fur ever.

Here is my lovely dog looking at you!
Fourrure is the French word for fur.


bindu said...

That's atrocious! I know what you mean about animal cruelty. I have never worn fur and will never wear it. Try not to buy leather either. We've been feeling really guilty these days about taking medicines because we cannot take it without thinking about the animal testing. Some of the animal cruelty stories out there make me want to just sit down and die. They are so awful.

Henry the Dog said...

My mum ends up with things like this playing on her mind for ages afterwards and is therefore a bit guilty of sticking her head in the sand to the reality of it. Mum is hugely anti anything to do with fur products, or any products that have involved animal cruelty. I think it is downright horrendous. It makes me ashamed of you humans sometimes. I mean, you're supposed to be so high above us lot. Sadly, not often:(

French Fancy said...

Oh Blu, don't do that. I saw the title of your post - I saw the pic of your beautiful dog and my heart sank - I imagined the worst. So, after that, I won't say that when I read what followed I was pleased - quite the reverse in fact but you know what I mean.

I feel very strongly about this subject and have been known to 'do certain things' when someone in the UK has been named and shamed with this sort of crime. I'd better not say any more :)

~vagabond~ said...

A german shepherd dog owns me too. Lovely photo of your dog. :)

As for the rest of your article, it is absolutely heartbreaking to read about. Honestly, fur ought to be banned. It depresses me the extent to which humans will use and abuse animals for their own materialistic pleasure. It just makes me so sad.