Friday, December 19, 2008

I do try to be green...however.

I have been tagged by the Woolly Shepherd, who I met for the second time last Sunday. I am going to cheat a little.

1. Two motivations for being green.

The children of today need a future. I love this planet and I am afraid for her.

2. Two eco unfriendly items. Of course a car, I live in rural France. I have been living in this house for two years, just around the corner there is a bus stop to the local towns, I have NEVER seen this bus. Further more I am unable to carry anything heavy anymore, but that is another story.

I have a dishwasher, I worked in white goods for a few years and I can tell you that dishwashers use less water than when you wash up by hand, that is if you use a lot of pots pans and dishes. I do use loads of dishes because I don't eat meat but MOH does, so I am often cooking two different lots of foods.
I will come back and finish this TAG later. Lets have a picture to look, at all these words are hard work.

French Fancy asked a while back if we ever see deer in the forest. The answer is yes, If you look carefully there is one on the right hand side of the track. Through the winter months there is a chasse on Monday in the forest. I have no idea how many they shoot and kill. The forest is surrounded by farmers crops. A very busy route runs through the forest to Fougeres I have a fear one day that one of these creatures may run out across the road.

The word for Woolly is laineuse . The word for shepherd is berger.

A link to the Woolly Shepherd here....if you dont like blogs with music you can turn it off.


French Fancy said...

You so need a car in our region, I can't imagine life without one (although we have one each because Mr FF goes to the UK quite often and I can't be left without one).

I have to admit to also having a dishwasher - I wouldn't be without that either.

We try hard to be greenish though - but I do get upset when I read about councils running out of money in the UK to run recycling things properly and they just dump the recycling bags in landfill sites - makes you want to stop bothering really.

How lovely to meet the woolly shepherd - maybe one day next year you'll meet a fellow blogger - I'd like to think we could meet up.

Blu said...

Something that made me laugh in the UK. People separate the glass bottles into different coloured bins. Then one day I watched the lorry come and tip all the bottles into the same skip!! I met the Woolly Shepherd thru Brittany Friends. Yes maybe one day we can have a bloggers coffee morning haha.

bindu said...

There are so many things we do that are not green at all ... it frustrates me. So you're vegetarian too! That's nice. :) We have lots of deer where we live too, and keep seeing them run over on the road. People don't seem to care if they hit a deer - or I think they do care - about their car being damaged!