Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mon Sammy Meeshell

What a fantastic evening, not a breath of wind, 9 degrees so not too cold either. We wandered towards the entrance and looked up.

There were only a few people around and so it had a totally different feel, quite magical.
We walked slowly up the street, the shops were all decked out for the seasons festivities. A few restaurants were open but only a few diners were inside. It was lovely and quiet. We considered doing this again next year, perhaps another time we could have a meal in a restaurant, we study the prices for a set meal you need about 28 euros.

I recomend this visit on an evening in December, really rather lovely.

The French word for toy is jouet. You can hear French words on this link.

What joy the children have on Christmas morning!

Mont Saint Michel a tourist attraction link here.


Val Grainger said...

I've tagged you for a green meme. The details are on my blog, play along if you want to.

Twas lovely to see you on Sunday!!!

bindu said...

Sounds like a nice walk. The last picture is stunning - feels like it is the 1600s!

French Fancy said...

That is so lovely - you've made me want to see it in winter now. Have you been to the one in Cornwall?

Blu said...

I have seen Saint Michaels Mount but not been "on it". My Mum informs me that it is prettier than MSM. The lights really made it very special.