Monday, January 12, 2009


We are all obsessed here in Brittany about this cold snap. Who can stay the warmest, how many duvets can you sleep under. Who has had burst pipes, has your olive oil gone solid, has your Pastis frozen?

My friend has just acquired two young pigs and they were all cuddled up in their new little home and didn't want to venture out into the cold outside of their shelter. They were persuaded out with a jug of warm milk, lap lap lap.

So it makes me wonder how do the animals in the fields especially the big animals keep warm?

Some do not have shelters, and they probably don't have thick coats because mankind has possibly bred out the hairiest for reasons of convenience. They cannot creep down into burrows and get all snuggled up together, like the badgers and foxes, who after all have lovely thick coats.

I hope that you are nice and snuggly in your little nest, and if your heating has gone phut may it soon be repaired.

The French word for nest is Nid, (which sounds more like knee).
The French word for cuddle is Câlin.
The French word for a burst pipe or tyre is éclater


Lee said...

They have a saying in Australia that a really cold night is a 'three dog night'. Perhaps they didn't have duvets in this days.

Three cows seems overkill.

Diane said...

Funny that Lee mentioned that... I spent a few of my childhood years in an old farmhouse that had dodgy heating. My room was always the coldest but I slept in a big bed with 3 dogs... on my side with one at my chest, one in the crook of my knees, and one at my feet. I would wake all cramped and sore from being unable to move in the night... but I was always warm! :)

Blu said...

Sleepig under three cows...the mind boggles!! haaa

~vagabond~ said...

I want warm weather already...i cant take any more snow storms...i work an early morning shift and the cold makes waking up early impossible :(

bindu said...

I am very sensitive to cold weather, but I love the snow. I can remain cheerful under layers of clothing as long as it's snowing. But no hope of that in Texas!

French Fancy said...

I get busy for a couple of days and then miss everyone's post. I also worry about the animals out in the field. The ground always looks so soggy when it's not caked with ice.