Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Yellow Peril

I wish that the postman turned up at exactly the same time every day.

Each morning I let my dog out into the garden, she charges off and chases away the blackbirds, well in fact any birds. I always hope that the yellow post van does not crunch the gravel on the drive way opposite. My dog will grow in size and bark ferociously.
If I am not dressed for the outdoors there is little that I can do to get her back inside until he has delivered the post to this side of the road too. Like a demented wild thing she will tear up and down the garden hedge as he arrives at our garden gate and pops the letters into our neighbours box.
What is it about postmen and dogs?

The picture below was taken last April, the yellow gorse is in flower, and if you look carefully you can see the postmans van.
Yellow Van
For some pictures of a well behaved German Shepherd go and visit Vagabond she has some delightful pictures of her dog in the snow.
The French word for van is caminonnette.
The French word for blackbird is merle.
The French word for wild is sauvage.


bindu said...

Nice picture with the yellows. Maybe if the van were a little lower on the road, we can see its yellow better. I wonder if anyone has done an analysis on why postmen and dogs don't get along ... it would be interesting - would we study the dogs or the postmen?

French Fancy said...

Poppy is manic when the postman - or any car or person or other animal - goes anywhere near our house. There is no way of catching her - for a little dog she is terribly strong.

I'm exactly the same about wishing the postie would arrive at the same time each day.


Lovely picture. Oh, and thanks for the french word lessons :) TFx

Blu said...

It was a Saturday morning, when I took the picture and I was heading back to the village, I like the yellow gorse and spotted the van.

brocobelle said...

Hi Blu, you have no idea how nostalgic this photo makes me feel and how much I am missing France. Cannot wait to come over in a couple of months, A la prochaine.

Desert said...

One of my favourite pictuers-the gorse and the post van.The dogs bark so the postman gets to see you inappropriately dressed.....universal law. :)

Henry the Dog said...

That's a lovely photo. Very rural France, mum says. I have no problems with the postman. I usually run to the window to have a look but I rarely bark at anything. Mum says I'm the most laid-back dog she's had. Saying that, her other dog, Sam, didn't bark much either and he was fairly laid back (other than he didn't like fireworks). I reckon, she has laid back dogs 'cause she does all the stressing, the worrying and the protecting for us - leaving us redundant!

~vagabond~ said...

LOL...your woofer sounds like quite a wild spirit..and a complete nutcase...and ofcourse, it's all the postman's fault.
For all his supposed good manners, Charlie too hates the mail man...he just follows him around with his eyes and makes him nervous.

Woofer's a cutie!