Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Word...random Picture

Today I thought I would flick through my Dictionnaire Le Robert Junior and see what word I saw first. An everyday word formula or method Formule.

Actually I am quite into methods to keep me on track, getting the everyday stuff done as well as some research into a few projects that I have on the boil. In fact if I didn't have any methods or formulas to use, I might be reading your blogs all day!

So now I am going to do a random picture...I will close my eyes and move the cursor down whilst in browse, honestly I wont cheat unless it is a picture that I put on recently.
Where did I end up?.. In a picture called February Fields, we are nearly half way through January so not long to wait. I love the trees in the winter when you can see their silhouettes against the skyline, they make me all dreamy.

February Fields

The French for at random is au hazard.
The French word for something that is done everyday is quotidien.


French Fancy said...

I love the feathery look of the trees. I also love the new pic of your dog.

Blu said...

There is something so magical about the trees in winter

bindu said...

Have you always had this interest in words? It's very interesting how you tie the words up with the images. :) The tree silhouettes are mesmerizing.

Blu said...

Pictures say lots of words for me, but I do have an interest in words.


I like. An ink smudge. Your images rule in my book. Words can confuse ;-) TFx

~vagabond~ said...

the silhouette of the trees against the winter sky is just beautiful!