Saturday, January 17, 2009

The darker side of life

Small rant. In my opinion there is far too much violence shown on tv. Some nights it is hard to find something other than murder and then it can be two or three episodes shown back to back. To be honest often I am sat at the pc fiddle about with photos and I am not actually glued to the screen. But some nights especially if I am alone I find I have to take action and turn over or turn off.

I find that the cruelty that they re-enact is going further, I mean worse and worse. Most of the really violent programmes shown here are American although I guess that the French Flic programmes may spiral downwards too.

Is it just me who feels this way or am I a minority??

Dark Moods

The French word for darkness is noirceur.

The French word for cruelty is cruauté

The French word for dreadful is effroyable.

Etymolgy for macabre.



Like the moody trees pic. I tend to listen to Radio 4 when I'm fiddling with my photos TFx

Val Grainger said...

oh how i agree! cannot stand most of what is on tv!

~vagabond~ said...

Lovely photo!
Do what I do...flip channels until you find something that makes you laugh your guts out.

bindu said...

That picture is so moody! Nice. I Haven't watched cable tv in some years now, so have no idea what they're showing. We have the Seinfeld collection, and keep watching re-runs when we feel like some tv. How boring ... :)

Lee said...

Only watch the news. That is enough violence to see me through the night.

pavocavalry said...

good blog

Desert said...

Now I have high-speed internet connection here, I also listen to BBC Radio4 or 3 whilst working on my photographs.
Violence is 'easy to make' entertainment.........quizzes are much more fun.