Sunday, January 4, 2009

The desperate photographer

Desperate to get outside but still stuck indoors, I grabbed an opportunity this morning as the frost melted on the inside of the bedroom window. Blue is the colour. Frost melts on the window giving a blu view.

Winter View

Desperation eh...any puddles outside will be frozen over for sure and snow is forecast for Monday.

For lovers of puddles out there here is a puddle picture I took in December.
Abstract PuddleDid you like splashing in puddles when you were a kid?
The French word for Splash is wait for it Plouf.
The French word for Abstract is Abstrait


~vagabond~ said...

Oh my...those are some beautiful abstract photos...I like how the frost photo looks so mystical.

And splashing in giant rain puddles during the monsoons is my favorite memory of my childhood years in India. :)


Beautiful blues - Blu. I still like to plouf (great sounding word) in puddles :) TFx

French Fancy said...

Plouf! doesn't it sound great.

I've just been out in the garden with the dogs and it is so frosty. You think I would have put my coat on first - I'm so daft.

Blu said...

glad you like plouf...

Henry the Dog said...

Blu, your photos get more incredible every day. They would make beautiful postcards or greeting cards. Love

Carol and Chris said...

OMG those pictures are just beautiful!!! You are a very talented lady you know!!

I used to (aherm...still do if I'm honest) love splashing in puddles...I also like kicking leaves in the autumn!! I'm a big kid really!!

C x

Robyn said...

The pattern of frost on the window is amazing.
Have you seen the photos of frozen puddles at I Love Black & White?

bindu said...

Wow - your puddle compositions can go in a gallery!