Monday, January 5, 2009

Retaliation and time on your hands

I lay awake last night thinking about someone I know who has to do Jury Service. I hope that it isn't some gory crime, with awful Exhibit A and Exhibit B, I wouldn't like that too much. Years back I was told that I would make a good juror since I try to see both sides of the story. Going to prison has to be even in this day and age a dreadful experience, so the responsibility of getting the verdict correct is a heavy one.

On a much lighter note I stumbled upon this blog and it amused me, just look at what this guy did here Retaliation. Talk about too much time on your hands!

The image below shows chains near the castle in Fougeres, you can see that my mind is working overtime here, chains have had cruel uses in the past. Imagine being kept in the dungeon at the castle.


No escape

The French word for revenge is revenche

The French word for the keep of the castle is donjon

Etymology for dungeon.

Etymology for revenge


Lee said...

Love the chain shadow effect.

Henry the Dog said...

Love the photos, comme d'habitude. Mum said she would have thoroughly hated that guy forever after, if he'd done that to her with the cling film;)

French Fancy said...

I'm with Henry's mum. If someone wrapped all my stuff (or my car) in clingfilm I'd have to think up some terrible punishment for them.

I did jury service about 20 years ago and asbolutely loved it. It was quite a dull case though - about whether a pub landlord was a fence for lots of stolen goods and the exhibits were all the goods themselves. First time I found out that a jigsaw was not a cardboard puzzle.

Pam said...

This makes very good and interesting reading, Blu and the pictures - it goes without saying -are of the highest standard. Brilliantly done.