Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finding the unexpected

You know when you put your hand into a pocket of a coat that you haven't worn for ages and you find a small note in a pocket, in my case that would be 5 euros and you think that's great I'm rich. Well yesterday I thought that I would see if I could make a puddle picture or a plaque, that's a cross between a flaque and a puddle. Anyway I loaded a picture onto Flickr cropped and zoomed and tweeked it etc etc and what did I find?

A Bloomin Angel, how exciting is that, I just hope that she can get me back out to the forest soon, so I can find some more hidden treasures. Even better a friend of mine said that the angel is playing a violin!

Forest Angel

I hope you find some money in a pocket today, its much better than a crumpled up mouchoir.

The French word for unexpected is inattendu.

The French word for angel is ange


French Fancy said...

Oh Blu, that is so beautiful. Those colours!

Lee said...

That's lovely. Thank you.

Blu said...
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Blu said...

I do find things in puddles but to find an angel, that is a bit special.

Carol and Chris said...

She's beautiful!!

It's funny...people see different things when they look at art. You saw an angel and I saw a fairy with butterfly wings :-)

How's the hip?

C x

Pam said...

This one's a classic among your puddle pictures, Blu - the colours are so vibrant it's beautiful.

Pam said...
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