Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guilty Feelings

Today I should be back at my French class. But "the hip" which has been causing a temporary blip in my day to day life is still a bit dodgy.

So here are my excuses, 1 my hip still hurts, 2 the chairs are really uncomfortable, 3 the roads may be icy. They don't grit the rural roads here so they can be like a skating rink. 4 The pavement may be icy, so I may slip and fall. So forgive me teacher because I will not be in attendance.

"Stay at home and read a French newspaper" said my friend,yeah right, I know that I will be side tracked and do something else instead. I have the will power of a gnat. Makes me wonder how people like French Fancy knuckle down and do their studies.
So the car will remain in the garden parked on frozen grass, the ground is like concrete here at the moment. Here is a little chap who wanted a ride in my car last summer
Hitching a ride
Have you got any guilty feelings today?
The French word for guilty is culpabiliser
The French word for attendance is presence


Lee said...

No guilty feelings. Should I feel guilty about that?

French Fancy said...

Don't feel guilty, Blu. Just imagine if you fell in the ice - it doesn't bear thinking about. Sorry to hear the hip still pains you though.

As for me and the willpower to study - to tell you the truth it amazes me as well.I get quite obsessed with it all.I was never like this when I was young; I just seem to have developed this obsession to learn.


You're so hip Blu! :) Guilty after eating my 10th chocolate of the day. Sod it, one more won't hurt now will it? TFx

brocobelle said...

Nonsense, you must take care - just think of spring when our joints thaw out along with nature! Love the cute picture of the robin, take care.

Desert said...

Guilt is a waste of energy.Printers take priority.I remember the robin hitch-hiker.Take care you. :))

Henry the Dog said...

Blu, it's freezing here too. This morning it was -7 and you're right, they don't grit the roads around here. Mum loves the photo of that little chap:)

Robyn said...

I don't suppose the cold does much for your hip either.
The darling little Robin is so dapper!

bindu said...

What a cute, plump little bird, and what amazing colors! Hope your hip is better.

Pam said...

Before you delete this, Blu, you should know that I have left a comment for you on one of my flickr pictures. Please read it and realise where this sort of activity and your unfortunate choice of friends are leading you.

Basically you are a kind and good person. I would hate to see that be changed by a malicious one.