Friday, January 9, 2009


A lot of Brits comment on how the UK has become a "Nanny State" the UK bends over backwards not to offend everyone, but in doing so dilutes many of its own traditions. I was very surprised when I visited a blog yesterday to see this message on a bus in England.

I have recently been reading that there is a campaign for The right to dry, in other words hang your washing out in your own garden. Blimey if it was warm enough I would love to hang out my washing today, but its just too cold.
This morning I have just read about people being asked to leave shopping malls in America because they took photographs of their family eating a meal, I didn't realise that you couldn't do that. So dont take photographs in enclosed shopping centres or the bouncers will get you!

It makes me realise that I don't want that kind of lifestyle and so I will stick to being a person who enjoys wandering around trees, rocks,and looking up at blue skies...I wish errmm what blue skies........and not much traffic.

PS there is a bus stop here, but I still haven't seen the bus, milk lorries, white vans, huge tractors, but where is that bus?
I see only tractors around here
PPS......Dont get me wrong France has a billion rules about things that you can and cannot do!
The French word for forbidden is interdit
The French word for clothes washing is lessivage.


Henry the Dog said...

Mum is always grumbling about the French administration - whatever that is but I know she'd only go back to the UK if she absolutely had to. Mum loves being surrounded by nothing but fields. The roads are just a bit better than cart tracks. It's our idea of heaven. x
My veri word is 'yawns' but honest, you never get me yawning:)

Blu said...

Cart tracks have much more character too. Glad you are awake.

French Fancy said...

Actually the Fancy household has donated money to the messages being put on the buses. It all started when some religious nut put a message on a bus saying

'believe in the lord or you will go to hell'

so someone else got up a campaign to put an answering message out there and asked for donations - and the money flooded in.

Apparently religious messages aren't covered by advertising standards.

changing the subject - yes, we also havea bus stop but we've never seen abus either - weird.

Desert said...
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Desert said...

So they use tractors instead of buses!! :))


Love the image. Beautiful place methinks TFX

Lee said...

The right to dry - I like that! I was somewhere in my travels this year where people were forbidden to hang washing out of their apartment windows. I don't mind. Makes the place look like a Sunday regatta.

French Fancy said...

popped back in just to say that we do donate to conventionally 'worthy causes' as well. This was just a bit of fun.

bindu said...

That's a nice picture postcard shot.