Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Upside down world

In my opinion the world seems to have got itself into a bit of a muddle. Mankind should know better, however since the beginning of time tribes have killed and hated each other, you would think that by now that we could have found ways to live peacefully with our differences.
Obama doesn't have a magic wand but I really do hope that he can untangle some of the spaghetti that we have got ourselves into.

Yesterday I watched Obama give his speech on French TV, which was difficult since I could hear two languages at the same time English, and French, the spotlight was on an extraordinary man.

Shine on You

Black and White

Things have changed

The French word for hope is espérer.
The French word to wriggle out of or emerge is dégager.
The French word to tip upsidedown is basculer.......(and you hear that word a lot)


Diane said...

We are in a muddle (a much nicer word than I usually use :). I don't expect him to solve all the problems... but it would be wonderful if he could just get the different groups working together instead of against each other.

Your photos are, as always, just gorgeous!!

Carol and Chris said...

Here's hoping he will manage to make a the moment the world is a very sad place :-(

Beautiful pictures hon....I particularly love shine on you. You are a very talented lady!!

C x

French Fancy said...

I don't envy him one bit - what a lot on his list.

As always lovely pics.

Sally's Chateau said...

I was glued to the tv too, love your pics btw.


Let's just hope, one day the world will be a better place TFX

bindu said...

Love the first picture. There are a lot of expectations of Obama, and it's a crazy time. I hope he delivers. He has to!