Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Word...random Picture

Like before, I will choose a word at random from my Robert Junior dictionaire.

Ok which word do we have...généraliser, something that has become the norm or everyday. My little French dictionary uses the computer as the example. The usage of the computer is general. Well I cant argue with that one. I love having access to so much information at my fingertips, in fact I would find it really hard to learn French without all the information available on the internet.

Oh and by the way my keyboard on this laptop is going bald. I have been using keyboards on all types of computers for a very very long time and I never had a bald keyboard before.

Ok here is my random picture and I promise I wont cheat unless its a picture that I recently posted,.................. good heavens look what I have here, its the loopy dog. Thats what they call a grab shot, so while its not fantastic I caught a certain look that I recognise very well.

Loopy Dog

Actually it just so happens that I got a really nice shot of the mutt yesterday and that isnt easy since she doesnt keep still very often, so I may as well show you. She looks really special.

January Thoughts

Oh and don't ask me what she is thinking about, because she hasn't worked out how to use that huge brain in that big head yet!

The French word for loopy is dingue, and you hear that a lot.
The French word for computer is ordinateur
The French word for available is disponible.


bindu said...

She does look lost in deep contemplation. I thought you would post a picture of your bald keyboard! You should. :)

Carol and Chris said...

I want to see you bald keyboard too!!

Your wee (OK, rather large) pooch is gorgeous....I love Alsations!!

C x

Desert said...

Never heard of a keyboard with alopaecia before..........and she's a beautiful dog.......probably wondering why she has to sit still. :)

French Fancy said...

Hello to Blu and everyone else (waves). Fancy your lovely dog having a blue collar -she has a very wonderful face

claire p said...

What a lovely dog. A bald keyboard, humm, now that's a new one.
Thank you for poppong over to my new blog. And thank you for your kind comments. I think I shall post a couple of chapters at a time once a week(ish).

Dave Jones said...

My keyboard is completely bald on the 'A' loosing part of the s,c,t,o,n,e,r,d,h,m, shift. its very annoying that they dont make the letters more durable. its probably my heavy handed typing to be fair.

Your dog has character, which in my mind demonstrates that the owner allowes the dog to be an individual. Dave

Henry the Dog said...

Blu, she is one good looking lady dog (Henry's heart skips a little beat). Does she like smaller guys? Say 'Hi' to her for me will you? (Henry blushes)

~vagabond~ said...

OMG! I have seen just exactly that same loopy dog look on Charlie's face too! Your dog is really adorable...i love her! :D