Friday, January 23, 2009

Mouse problems

A small creature, who appears to be rather cute but can cause trouble especially in the wintertime. Yes a lot of people in these old stone houses set in rural Brittany, Bretagne, suffer from this unwanted guest. The house mouse. Personally I think they may look cute but just prefer them to stay away.

At my French class on Thursday morning we were given a poem to memorise it is a French children's poem about Mice. Three of them in different colours. THRICE mice.

La Souris
C'est la petite souris grise,
Dans sa cachette elle est assise,
Quand elle n'est pas dans son trou,
C'est qu'elle galope partout.

So she is a little grey mouse, and she sits in her hideout, when she is not down her hole she is galloping everywhere!

C'est la petite souris blanche
Qui ronge le pain sur le planche,
Aussitôt qu'elle entend du bruit,
Dans sa maison elle s'enfuit.

So she is a little white mouse, and she gnaws the bread on a plank, as soon as she hears a noise she flees into the house.

C'est la petite souris brune
Qui se promène au clair de lune,
Si le chat miaule en dormant,
Elle se sauve prestement.

So she is a little brown mouse, and she walks in the moon light, when the cat meows it its sleep, she nimbly runs away.

Well that's what I think it means!

While we are on the small theme here is a lovely little French home with a lovely little door.

Cachette the hiding place.

Ronge the mouse gnawed the bread

Miaule the cat meowed in its sleep


Carol and Chris said...

There's a Moose loose about your hoose *said in a good Scottish accent*

Hope you manage to get rid of the wee bugger

C x

French Fancy said...

It's difficult isn't it, to do the right thing as regards creatures and to get rid of the little blighter. I've only ever seen field mouse and they do look cute as they dart around but I wouldn't want to put up with one indoors.

Hope you get rid of 'little Jerry' soon.

claire p said...

We have field mice who think it's fun to run around in the roof at night, warmer I suppose. Do you have a cat as well as the dog? Mind you we have four and they're no help at all!

Blu said...

Its not possible to have a cat here with the Big Woofer she doesnt care for them much. I think it would be catch and despatch. My dog has been know to catch mice outside!

Robyn said...

If you have two mice you could end up with a hundred and two. We spent a holiday in a little thatch cottage by the sea. I'm convinced there were a hundred and two mice in the roof every night with all the gnawing going on. Fortunately we were moved to another cottage which was lovely and quiet.

~vagabond~ said...

I am terrified of mice. Yes, yes, i know, it's just an itsy bitsy little mouse but it still scares the daylights out of me. A house mouse would give me sleepless nights. LOL.

Lee said...

What's French for "wee timorous beestie"?

bindu said...

I LOVE the blue doors and windows - is that your home? You have posted pictures of your blue door before ... so wondering.