Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gone Fishing

Yes I am back at my French class, actually I go to two different ones. Anyway the more serious, difficult class where grammar really matters has given me a fishy problem. The problem is I have to fill in the ****, but I can understand the text without them. This is my main problem the leedle words in between.

The text is about a big ugly prehistoric fish that can be found in Indonesia, it isn't interested in us but it is a curiosity for man kind.
So here is the text, you see all those ** I have to put the right French word in!!

coelacanthe poisson préhistorique, a été pêche en Indonésie,** gros poisson n'est pas très curieux. Il est indifférent hommes, mais eux s'interésent hommes à lui, C'est ** très bonne nouvelle, explique Daniel Robineau, **. Muséum d'histoire naturelle, on croyait que poisson ne vivait qu' ** environs des Comores. Il reste peu de coelacanthes à ** endroit.

Here is a link that shows you this dinosaur fish.

Funny really because recently I have had a yearning for what is one of the UK's favorite meals, Fish and Chips, served fresh and hot and wrapped up in paper. I am an eater of fish but not meat, so no I am not a vegetarian.

Here is a picture taken down by the lovely castle in Fougeres, when I took this picture there was a man to my right fishing, so thats my picture for today.

Fishing for compliments

The French word for believe is croyait.
The French word for wrapped is emballer.
The French word for yearning is désir.

Etymology for desire.

PS. It is sad that many French people think that the British meal of fish and chips is disgusting, sadly it can be! But there is a lovely fish and chip shop just outside Poole in Dorset, and last time I got off the ferry and ate from there it was fab!


French Fancy said...

mmm good fish and chips is hard to beat. Anwya Blu my friend, I've just tagged you.

Carol and Chris said...

We've not had fish and chips ince we've been back but it's on the cards....

C x

Henry the Dog said...
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Henry the Dog said...

My mum says that's the prettiest photo she's seen in ages. Mum says that she never particularly cared for fish and chips, until she left the UK. Now she thinks they're heavenly and all the French folk she's been to the UK with absolutely loved them. There's a brilliant fish & chip place in Wetherby, called the Wetherby Whaler. She says it's the best ever.
PS: deleted my first comment due to typos xxx

Blu said...

Its hard to type when you have paws, it would be a bit like wearing mittens I guess.

bindu said...

Such a pretty picture of flowers with the castle at the back!