Sunday, January 25, 2009


Honest Scrap via French Fancy

Is your head so big that you think you are interesting? Well when I read earlier that French Fancy had dropped me in it, I thought oh no, she has tagged me and I am to tell you 10 honest and interesting things about myself. I scratch my head and think Interesting, I doubt it.

Ok well like a previous gauntlet I took from the Woolly Shepherd I will probably spread it out.
1. Last year when the ferry was approaching Poole harbour my phone went beep beep, so I knew it would say it was O2 network and welcome to the UK. Wrong, what it actually did say was that it was the O2 network and the calls would cost xx and Welcome to Iceland. Needless to say since MOH had gone in search of the boats facilities, I asked another passenger (jokingly since I good see the Dorset coast) what ferry I was on!!!!

Welcome to Iceland!..Not

2. I have a small collection of camels not the real ones of course, no please I don't want any more I have sufficient. One is a lovely pink plate which I bought from a charity shop in the UK, on the back it says The Edmund Leigh Gallery, Dromedary. Reproduced from antique plates 1854 - 1924 first Chairman of Burgess & Leigh Ltd Stoke-on-Trent England. I am also very fond of a lovely small brass camel which makes an excellent paperweight.


The French word for welcome is bienvenue.

The French word for brass is cuivre jaune.


claire p said...

With my sense of direction I would probably belived the text message!

You do cammels I do puffins. We have a carved cammel that was my grandmothers, he sits on the plate rack in the kitchen. And there are puffins everywhere!

~vagabond~ said...

The camel plate does look quite interesting. :)