Monday, January 26, 2009


Ten honest things about me continued....

3. I think I should be left handed.

Whilst playing the air guitar, haa haa I don't do this often I was informed that I was playing it the wrong way around, ie left handed. If I hold someones guitar I always hold it left handed too. In fact when the PC mouse first came about I couldn't get my right hand to move it where I wanted to so I tried with my left hand and had more success, after that my right hand could use the mouse too???

4. I have the map of the Greek island Crete upside down in my head, I could draw this map and show you where the towns are but it is as if I have a mirror inside my head.

Here is a picture with no connection at all, it is just that I am tired of all this rain and need to see some blue sky.
Pink and Blue

The French word for draw is dessiner

The French word for hold is tenir


Carol and Chris said...

LOL - you do realise that every time i see someone with an air guitar i am going to think of you!!

C x

claire p said...

I do that! Not the air guitar thing, but the left and right thing. I am left handed, in that I write with my left hand. But I do everything else, mouse, sisours, bread knife etc with my right!?!

French Fancy said...

Maybe you were meant to be left-handed and were turned the wrong way. I can't find your archives (it must be me) so can't see the first few I've missed.

bindu said...

The upside down Crete map detail is very interesting! I wonder why this is so.