Monday, January 26, 2009

Still tagging along

Honest things about me continued.

5. Years back when I used to go dog training, I once dressed up as a dog. I didnt want my dogs to go to the Christmas Fancy Dress at the dog training classes looking like idiots. So instead I dressed up as a dog.

6. When attempting to take my driving test for the second time, I was turned away three times. I drove about six miles in bad weather only to be told the conditions were too bad for a test, so I had to go all the way back again! three times.

7. I rarely eat breakfast since it just wakes up my hungry monster and then I just want to eat and eat all day.

8. I used to spend all my school dinner money on chips, and other unhealthy items.

9. I didn't take any Maths exams at school ,because I was told that I was unteachable. My first job was in a bank, then I worked in the computer industry, and have done bookkeeping for several businesses and worked in an accountants. So I have never been far from the dreaded numbers.

10. I once got permission from the headmaster at school, with two of my school pals, to skive off school one Friday afternoon. We used to teach sailing on Friday nights and the head was a keen sailor so we gave him some cock and bull story about needed to go to the Sailing Club and he believed us!

Here is a rather nice Roller, no I didnt take my driving test in one, returning to our village last year followed by other vintage cars behind. The people along the roadside are actually there to cheer a big cycle race, which started and finished here too.

The French word for headmaster is directeur.
The French word for idiot is crétin...and you hear that a lot!


Robyn said...

I totally agree with Number 7. I havn't eaten breakfast for years except if it's been made especially for me....then the hunger monster is unleashed and it's peck peck peck all day.

Henry the Dog said...

Mum & me enjoyed reading your posts about you. Perhaps you are intrinsically left handed - maybe as a child you wanted to be but were corrected by your teachers. So funny about the fact that you didn't study maths at school but spend most of your life surrounded by numbers! LOL xxx

claire p said...

I hated maths, and now do my husbands accounts and tax returns!Still no good at it though.
It looks like you live in a lovely place, haven't been to France since I was two.
My hungry monster is awake the whole time I am, breakfast or not!

French Fancy said...

I'm with Claire on this - I'm perpetually hungry and think it must be hormones and stuff.

How funny to have worked with figures all your life after what the teachers said. Bloody teachers - they can ruin kids that way.

Carol and Chris said...

I was told by my art teacher that I couldn't draw!! Some people should just not be allowed to teach!!

Shame on you for decieving the head *giggle*

C x

bindu said...

#5 was funny. I'm sure the dogs appreciated it. "Unteachable", huh? You should ask them again now. :) I wish I could just put a U for unteachable for some of my students when I assign grades ... ;)