Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I could not sleep last night

I made the mistake of using Stumble, and went through loads of blogs. Did I find a blog that I could connect not really. I found weird but not wonderful. People living on a dollar and people who were tres chic.

I learnt something new too, if I understood wikipedia correctly at 3.30 am. I found a blog entry written by a man on his 64th birthday, he was in prison in America and he had been there for 30 years. And there were no further entries so I looked up information on the Internet he had been imprisoned for killing two FBI agents, but he has said that he is innocent. After his 64th birthday he was moved to another prison and then beaten up by inmates. What I also learnt was that if you are in prison you cannot always vote in the Presidential elections but you can run for President!

If you would rather see some chic here is a blog that I bookmarked last night. Our place looks more shabby than chic!
My picture today is called Walls, used to keep people out in this case, if it ever stops raining I may get outside myself.
I hope that you all had a restful sleep last night.

The French word for weird or strange is étrange.
The French word for detained is détenir.
Etymology for the word detained.


French Fancy said...

What a shame you couldn't sleep. I'll lend you an OU course manual - they'll induce sleep :)

I had a look at the blog you linked to but could not get beyond

'As a stylish young woman living in New York City'.

Putting something like that on one's blog is a guarantee that I won't read another word.

Hope you sleep tonight

French Fancy said...

p.s.your blog seems to be loading very slowly these days - do you find that?

Blu said...

not really..but my pc isnt that fast anyway!

Blu said...

Thanks for letting me know I just made three changes..let me know thanks.

Carol and Chris said...

I do that!!! If I can't sleep I end up stumbling about blogland shaking my head in horror/confusion/sheer bafflement (delete as appropriate) at what I find!! It's worth it though.... cause sometimes you stumble upon a little gem....just like this one :-)

C x

bindu said...

I knew those in prison cannot vote - but they can run for president?! That's interesting. Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Blu said...

Thanks C x

Interesting about running for President Bindu, what would happen if they won?

claire p said...

Umm a restful nights sleep? No don't remember them either. Jamie decided that 3.30am was a good time to get up, so that was that. And that was a lay in!


Liking your wall image - just catching up on my blog reading also like your 10 interesting things about you :) TFx