Thursday, January 29, 2009

Randon word Random Picture

Random Word
As I flick over the pages in my Dictionanaire what will I find?

What a boring word to land on, Normal. My dictionary gives examples such as, the temperature is normal for the season, and that it is normal to be tired at the end of the day. Well I find the darkness makes you think that you are tired and should be retreating to the duvet, roll on lighter nights!

I did something tonight which isn't normal, I made some biscuits. How mad is that, it probably costs four times more money than buying some in a posh packet. Why am I making biscuits? Tomorrow two French ladies are coming round for coffee and to chat with my friend and myself. I may be about to forget every single French word that I have ever stuffed into my memory. Help me!!!

Random Picture

Ha how funny when I opened my eyes the picture I was on is called Forgotten, is this an omen? I wonder why some people can remember things better than I can? The picture was taken down by the castle in Fougeres and I posted it in my blog many months back. Oubliette is a dungeon or place underground for holding prisoners, so you are most definitely forgotten about down in the castle dungeon!

The French word for posh is chic.
The French word for stuffed is farci......actually I feel stuffed because I had a lovely pizza for lunch!!
Etymology for Nosh.
PS. Have you done anything that is not the norm for you today?


bindu said...

That is a spooky coincidence! Prisoners forgotten ... hope you don't forget your french at tea tomorrow!

I did do something out of the norm 2 days back - I made a sweet too (not cookies). I soaked, peeled and ground up about a mountain of almonds, and then stirred the paste into boiling cane sugar to make a sweet! Never ever done anything like this before ...

Carol and Chris said...

Awww hon, I'm sure you will be fine...once the tea starts flowing you will 'forget' to worry about your French :-)

I did do something yesterday that is not normal for me....I attempted to iron a dress proving that I really cannot iron for toffee!!

C x

French Fancy said...

I find alcohol works wonders for helping with one's French. Have a lovely English tea party - are you going to serve it in a teapot?

I really must get to Fougeres castle - I knew it was beautiful but you really have whetted my appetite (or should that be wet? I'm losing my English)

mmmmm biscuits mmmmmmmm

claire p said...

Life is stubbonly boring here. No I tell I lie, the sheep came through yesterday.

Hope the tea went ok.

bindu said...

Blu - you've been tagged. Hope you will play along! (It's your kind of tag, so I'm sure you'll like it :))

Henry the Dog said...

Let me think? Did I do anything abnormal on Thursday, or yesterday? No. At the moment my life is full of normality (but it's going to change). Hope it went well with the French, mum forgets all hers too and ends up speaking 'Franglais'.

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