Sunday, February 1, 2009

For all the wrong reasons

Monday or Lundi as they call it around here I will get to see the inside of our local church. So local I can see the clock on the church tower from our bedroom window. The doors are always shut and so for some reason I have never been inside it to look at the windows and stonework. I am not big on religion but I do like architecture.

A couple of years ago I asked our neighbour who his favorite singer was, he told me Jacques Brel, I looked the singer up on the internet, and last year many programmes where shown on tv so I got to watch the genius at work. Brel died at the very early age 49.

So whenever I hear one of Brels songs I think of my neighbour, sadly my neighbour has died very suddenly at the age of 44, leaving two lovely children and a wife who lights the room up when she smiles.

The French word for sad is triste
The French expression for down in the dumps is avoir le cafard

Some of Brels songs from a previous post here.



What a beautiful church, hope the inside is just as wonderful.

BTW you've been photo tagged TFx


Very thoughtless of me. I've just read the title of your post again. I'm so sorry if you're only seeing inside the church because of sad occassion of a funeral. I hope it goes OK. TFx

Blu said...

Yes it is my neighbours funeral, I cannot get my head around this at all.

brocobelle said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbour, Blu, but feel sure that the French community spirit will support his widow and children in the difficult times ahead.
Hope tomorow goes OK.

Henry the Dog said...

Oh Blu, no wonder you're sad. That is no age, is it? Mum's only 44. It's the folk who're left behind we feel for. His poor, poor wife, his children. Unthinkable. So sad.

French Fancy said...

Oh Blu, what a shame. He was so young. I can guess the Brel song you are thinking of.


bindu said...

That is so sad. I am sorry.