Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am in a muddle

My head is in a spin, I realised that I got a tag from French fancy but failed to pass it on..oops although everyone seems very busy. Then I got two more tags at the same time.

One tag is from Bindu..she has such lovely pictures and words in her blog, and makes lovely mirrors what a girl! Anyway Bindu's tag is below.

Here are the rules:
1.pick the 6th picture from your 6th photo folder.
2.tell the story around it
.3.pass it onto
.6 other people.

The other tag I got is from Tom Foolery.....great blogger and makes me chuckle.

Here are the rules, go to your fourth album retrieve your fourth photo and post. Of course you can break the rules and not play. But have you the bottle?

Ok so I am going to pick the 10th picture because 4 and 6 = 10 from my favorites folder. But from the end not the start of the goes.

It is a picture of a "window" in the castle ramparts in Fougeres, I took the picture on a sunny Saturday morning everyone else was in the town to shop but I wandered around the old streets and the Jardin Public. All the signs around the town say that this is the largest castle in Europe. I am so lucky to live only 15 minutes away and I never tire of looking at it. I love the light on the old stone work.

So pick the tenth picture from the end of your folder and tell us all about it please. Of course if you are too busy no worries.

I will tag 5 people just to be difficult.

1. French Fancy......brainy and funny too.

2. Woodwose Carving.........go look at Dave's wonderful carvings, clever so and so.

3. Claire.........I am following her novel at Writing not Reading

4. Brocobelle.......she has lots of lovely French bits and pieces

5. Art Propelled ......a talented crafts person and she obviously loves animals, go and take a look at BUG!!!!



Blu, rest you head and the muddle will go m'dear. Take care tomorrow :) TFxx

bindu said...

Such a nice picture, as always. I wonder at all the eyes over the years that have stood at this doorway and looked out at this view ... what where they all thinking as they looked out??

Blu said...

Tom Foolery I am off to feather and flip now its freezin here tonight.

Bindu, it actually is a window, its a hell of a drop down from there.

Robyn said...

I've just done this meme and found it quite interesting/fun. Beautiful photo that you've shown, Blu. Thanks for the mention.

Henry the Dog said...

Beautiful photo Blu. Mum says she must visit that part of France one day xx

French Fancy said...

I love seeing pictures of this castle. Sorry you feel in a bit of a muddle - it's been a bit of a shock I guess, the news about your neighbour and it's bound to have some sort of effect on you.

Anyway, thanks for the tag. I've done the fourth pic from the fourth folder - now i can do another one. I'll wait a few days if that's ok. In fact I was tagged by marc aurel last week and I've not done that yet. Oh I'm a bad blogger


claire p said...

I will go look in my folders. Lane tagged me to do the 4th pic in the 4th file and it was Charlie (a fish). Not sure what the 10th will be, hope not one of the rotten roof!

~vagabond~ said...

I am so envious of just 15 minutes away from that castle. I would explore every nook and cranny of it...and then some more. Thanks for sharing the photo with captures the spirit of the place so well! :)