Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eyes wide open

Managed a shortish walk yesterday in the forest. The dog gets extra exercise racing back to see where I am, what can be delaying me. Sometimes I enjoy taking pictures right up close to the subject. So I was really pleased with this green bear adorned with ivy leaves.

Sometimes you can overlook the stuff that is right in front of your face because you are looking at the bigger picture.

Green Bear
Of course we don't have any real bears here, its a tree. At this time of year it is hunting season so any wildlife that there is, deer, fox, rabbits, and various types of birds are hunted trapped or shot, hopefully they dont catch them all.
The French word for a female deer is biche.
The French word for ivy is lierre.


LadyFi said...

Not a mouldy old bear - are you sure? ;-)

I thought you captured the ivy starfish pretty well.

Cool pic!

French Fancy said...

Down with all hunters - I'd like to see them shot at - by the creatures they try and trap. If I had the chance to pass one law here that would be it.

Lovely photo


Beautiful photo. Your dog looks cute too TFx

~vagabond~ said...

Your photos are always such a treat. :)

Blu said...

Lady Fi I am the mouldy old bear.

French Fancy thats a big topic to discuss here .Glad that you like the Green bear.

TF...the dog is a looney.

Vagabond..many thanks.

claire p said...

I love photos like this. You can see so much when you get up close like that.

Dave Jones said...

Hi Blu

I totaly agree with you. I like looking at the close things. love the photo, I thaink thats a great tallent for seeing the picture.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Dogs are weird. If I was a dog, I would just sit and wait; not double up the distance travelled.

bindu said...

I agree with French Fancy. I hope for accidents for those who go out to kill innocent animals. The texture of the tree is so lovely.