Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Information overload

My new blog friend Tom Foolery has been finding the news around the world just too sad and too mad. I started to think what was it like when all around here was forest.

In a world with no television to watch and bring you bad pictures, papers with graphic descriptions, radio to tell you on the hour what is considered to be the latest news, and no modern communications.

How would you know what was really going on in the world, all you would hear would be the birds and the animals, all you would see would be trees and the sky. The wars fought and won, lands lost in battle and discovered by explorers.
Peaceful setting
Hope you all have an uneventful tranquil day.
The French word for bad is mauvais.
The French word for war is guerre.



Thanks for that Blu. Methinks I'll go for a wee walk today in the woods :-) TFx

LadyFi said...

Sometimes we just get too much news... On the other hand, I wouldn't like to live in ignorance of what is going on around the world either.

I'm looking forward to a semi-tranquil working day. Hope you have a lovely peaceful walk!

Carol and Chris said...

It's all about getting a balance isn't it...keeping informed but not getting overloaded!!

I read a really interesting fact the other day about the crime rate in America...aparently knife crime in America has not changed significantly in the last 20 years but the reporting of crime has gone up 200%....kinda makes you think doesn't it!!

C x

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Someone (T.S.Elliot?) said we can only cope with so much reality. Certainly been that way with the bushfires of late.

Lee said...

Such a lovely green! Everything is grey-brown here.

French Fancy said...

We certainly do get media frenzy all the time these days-imagine when news had to be taken by messengers on a coach and four. I do think there are quite a few houses in our area without tv aerials - in fact we hardly watch our set anymore. Would rather get the news from the radio or online and watch dvds to relax.

bindu said...

It's true - sometimes I feel my grandmother and her mother and others before them lived in relative peace, when they were just aware of what was going on in their town. We have to be careful to not get too depressed!

Dave Jones said...

I avoid newspapers, i dont watch the news as both are seldom accurate and focus on the negative. yet somehow I still know whats going on in the world. I say stop buying papers and watching the news for a week and see if there is any difference in your life? I would suggest we would all be happier and that would have an impact on what happens to create whats called NEWS!

Great post and it made me think.. thanks. Dave X

claire p said...

Oh bliss! When can I move in?

Jude said...

That's one reason I love living here, we sometimes go for days not knowing what's happening in the world.
My neighbours have no means of communicating with the outside of the village, they're certainly not interested in the newspapers, even if they could read. Their lives revolve around how to survive the cold nights, what they are going to eat from their patch of veg and close family.

Robyn said...

Uneventful tranquility....I like the sound of that. There are times when I long for a simpler life. It's all about balance.