Thursday, February 19, 2009


A few days travelling.

At first empty French roads, then a night crossing on my favorite ferry, then along roads where the houses are packed tight together.

The rolling Dorset hillsides lost in the mist. We drive past drifts of snowdrops a pure delight growing in the steep banks alongside the rural but busy roads.

The wonderful mighty English Oak trees their branches are left to grow far and wide, unlike the severe cuts of their French equivalents.

I cant say that I had noticed how bad the motorway verges were before, but I see miles of unwanted cans and packaging amongst the grey dusty roadsides.

The motorways in England are full to bursting and major works are underway to add extra lanes. Soon the ever increasing numbers of modern cars will be be forced to move slowly, chugging along like this old vintage number.

Changing Times

The French word for snowdrop is perce neige.

The French word for bursting at the seams is regorger.

Etymology for the word pierce.


bindu said...

Enjoy your time away. I look forward to more pictures from there.

LadyFi said...

Oh - Dorset and snowdrops - how delightful!

Carol and Chris said...

I discovered snowdrops in the garden this morning...I don't want to tempt fate but I think perhaps spring has sprung!!

Enjoy your break

C x

Jude said...

Oh, how wonderful, I hope you have a lovely time away.
I'm off to London in March, looking forward to it in someways, family, friends etc. but, as you point out, there are so many changes happening. It does seem to get dirtier....

Lee said...

It was the "green tunnels" of the English country roads that got us.

Love the old car. Don't want it. But love it.

French Fancy said...

Have a good trip, oh blu one. The best thing about UK motorways are the toilets. Now that is one thing that the Brits do best - public toilets. Don't get me started on the state of most of the French ones.

When I go back to the UK the first thing I notice is indeed how tightly the houses are packed together, even down quite salubrious turnings with detached houses - there's just so many of them. And what about the litter !

J Cosmo Newbery said...

That car's time-warp material!

Blu said...

I hate the roads in England now, but Dorset I will always love.

The snowdrops always grow so thick in Dorset just like the bluebells.

It is mainly a trip for family so not many sights to photograph.

Toilets, yes they do usually have standards that you take for granted.

The car was a special old motor in a rally in our village in France last year.

Robyn said...

Travel, drifts of snowdrops, mighty oak trees....sounds like bliss. Enjoy!