Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy with Branflakes

You cant beat a drive in the countryside on a dry sunny February day. The afternoon was perfect for photography, but alas I wasn't really in the mood.

Why?........Well it was a search for a lovely dog who had gone missing the previous evening. Worse still this dog was on "holiday" while her owner was enjoying a trip away. Its always more stressful when it is some one elses dog. So I was sitting in the passenger seat my eyes scouring the French fields for the sight of a dog. My friend who was dog sitting was stopping to ask postmen, walkers, folks in their gardens and people just out for a walk. Bars and bread shops and The Mairie (the Mayors office, many of which were closed), she also knocked on doors, and explained to locals.

We also walked around a hilltop which was littered with large rocks, weird sculptures and a Church, it has a air of the bizarre. No sign of the missing dog, I grabbed a couple of shots, but my enthusiasm to photograph this weird place was lacking.

Take a seat

Later the dejected dog sitter and I sat around the lovely big kitchen table and drank hot mugs of coffee. Then the phone rang, and luckily the knocking on doors had payed off. Off she drove to a house about 5 minutes away by car. The missing dog was enjoying a bowl of Bran Flakes.

I don't have a brilliant picture of the runaway pooch, so this will have to do I intended to discard this picture because it is slightly out of focus but you can see what a delightful layed back dog she is.

Got any Branflakes

The French word for flee is fuir.

The French word for lost is perdu.


claire p said...

Our old dog used to run off, nightmare. Found him sitting in the middle on the A39 once, right on the white lines down the centre! Glad you found him. I wouldn't scrap the photo it's sweet. Love the bench to. You should send that photp to DJ Kirkby, she collect bench photos.

LadyFi said...

What a nightmare! But at least this one has a happy ending! Love the photos - the weird grotesque chair! And the slightly purple dog..

French Fancy said...

I can't begin to imagine the anxiety your friend was feeling. Thank goodness there was a happy ending. We saw a dog run down last week - well I didn't because I was lagging behind (as usual) but Mr FF saw it all - and the driver didn't even stop!

Poor little thing was killed outright.

Carol and Chris said...

I am so glad you found the dog in the end!! It's awful when they do a runner...even worse when it's someone else's pet!!

I agree with should pass that pic onto DJ...She'd love it!!!

C x

Diane said...

Oh, glad you got her back! That's the worst. Years ago, I lost my roommate's dog and was certain I was going to have to call her on holiday and tell her. Turns out, he got locked in a vacant apartment in our complex, when he wandered in after the workmen left the door open. Luckily they came back the next day and let him out!

bindu said...

Funny little dog. I'm sure he must've looked at you both as if to say "what's all the fuss about?"

That's a very interesting looking bench!