Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Move fast and quick

An observation regarding the Brittany countryside. There is a lot of rain just like in the UK, however the fields here are carefully drained with pipes into very deep ditches. The ditches are regularly cleared out to ensure that the water can flow to its destination a pumping station. I have never seen this kind of management of water and ditches back in the UK.

If you ever have to pull your vehicle off the road in rural Brittany, beware these ditches would swallow up your front wheel with no problem at all.

After last nights awful tempete, which was loud and at times a bit scary, today the water is gushing along the roadside ditches, and the many rivers which lace this area are full, and flowing fast. It seems like we are all getting more weather than usual more wind, rain, snow, or heat!

This afternoon I drove a few kilometers to have a coffee with a friend, afterwards she sent me home via an interesting dirk track, I had hoped to stop and take pictures, but down came the rain so I only managed a couple of very quick snaps.
At times there is a definate feel of springtime, and when you look at the hedgerows you can also see the signs of new growth.


The small river was rushing along in a great hurry to get out of rural Brittany and visit nearby Normandy for that is the direction it flows.

Off to Normandy

Then back home to my blue front door, although the pots are not there at the moment, since the weather is too cold. It was of course raining yet again. But soon the sun will shine I hope.

The French word for the flowing river couler
The French word for lace is dentelle.


Lee said...

Such vibrant colours! Here all is grey-green and grey-brown. And dictionaries have moved the word 'rain' to the 'archaic and seldom used words' section.

bindu said...

I love that first picture. So fresh and wet. The rain water management system sounds impressive. And your blue door picture is one of my favourites. I had saved it the first time I saw it!

Blu said...

Funny eh we al want what everyone else has.

The front door is low and wide so modern day men have to duck to enter...I do not.

LadyFi said...

Love the colours - it looks very autumnal over there! I'm writing this as the snow falls softly outside.

Oh - and your blue door is just gorgeous!

Blu said...

The leaves on the ground stay all winter giving colour and then when the the green grass emerges they are gone.

French Fancy said...

I love your front door and pots in the matching vibrant blue. Roll on spring. The only damage we suffered during the tempest was a few cordyline leaves that snapped.

Carol and Chris said...

I never thought I would be the kind of person that would actually have door envy but there you go!! Stunning pics as always Blu

C x

Jude said...

Loving it! My door is blue too! Have you looked at my friends blog www.desreves.blogspot.com They have a beautiful blue door too. As usual, your photos are stunning.

Jude said...

sorry, www.desrevesinfrance.blogspot.com

claire p said...

What a lovely front door, it looks like a lovely house. Over here there is flooding everywhere. We could learn something from the French I think.

Blu said...

The door was painted a horrible brown, many of us think that there was a job lot of brown paint issued to all residents about 20 years ago!! yuk

Dave Jones said...

Hi Blu

As usual you have managed to brighten my day with such lovely photos and a snap shot of life in Brittany. your photos remind me of the countryside in Pembrokeshire near to Camrose a small village on the way to Fishguard.