Monday, February 9, 2009

Not weather for hats

Much of France is engulfed in a mad tempete tonight. So it is much too windy for a hat! So windy that the wood burner is burning faster than it should, its a bit draughty in here.

In the winter I hate to be outside without a hat, the last two winters my favorite is a fleece lined baseball cap with a larger than usual peak. But I love hats of all types and I love to see people wearing them.

My lifestyle doesn't require me to dress in a stylish fashion, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to see others who have some sort of style. I am normally dressed in warm practical tops, with jeans and flat shoes.
Last summer I was mooching around Pontorson, a nice town near to Mont Saint Michel, it was
market day and all the world was enjoying the warm sunshine. My friend and I bought some nice beads, and then we enjoyed a drink at a bar situated at the back of the market, we watched the people. People watching with a cool pink Kir to sip, it is a nice way to while away 30 minutes.

I saw this lady with a style all of her own, she looked brilliant, but not my thing at all.

Lady in frock with unusual hat.

But at Dinan market I saw this lady sporting a very feminine number and stopped me in my tracks, and I felt that she deserved a photograph, ain't she sweet! ha ha.....


Do you like hats,?

The French word for a cap or baseball cap is a casquette.

The French word for draught is courant.


bindu said...

I do like hats. But only baseball hats under which I can hide my frizzy, wild hair. I spend minimum time getting dressed, so hats come in handy!

LadyFi said...

A hat is a must in the sub-zero temperatures of winter. In fact, I have to wear a hat almost all year round to keep the old brain cells active!

Lee said...

"mooching around Pontorson" sounds fun.

French Fancy said...

I love that long flowery dress, that's a look that I sport in the summer but I do it with a big straw hat. I have hat love, but nothing that squashes my curls too flat - so knitted beanie things are a no no.

People watching is one of my favourite things. We see quite a few very chic people in our area because a lot of Parisians have their holiday home here. I love to see them too but I think a lot of Bretons really don't like to see such 'preciousness' about how these city slickers are turned out. Meanwhile I stare at these women in envy and wonder how they stay so slim

Blu said...

Baseballs hats are great.

Sub zero...I think i would need 2 hats.

Mooching is great I live the markets.

How they stay slim..they dont eat.

claire p said...

I like hats, but they don't like me. Basically they make me look like a demented mushroom!

Carol and Chris said...

I am having to re-learn how to wear's been a while!!

C x

Jude said...

I love hats, can't get enough of them. In fact I made my husband stop the car in a lane lastweek to pick up a holey, squashed straw little number, fantastic! He refuses to let it in the house yet...