Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hearing things

Another sleepless night, our neighbours dog was barking which is unusual and my mind was full of thoughts. This morning when I came downstairs I looked out and saw a light covering of snow, but nothing much compared to what has been falling across the English Channel. Then I heard one of the big milk tankers CRUNCH through ice outside on the road. Its treacherous outside and will take several hours to thaw. The roads in the villages here are left for the sunshine to melt the ice, sand and grit is a luxury.

A few vehicles have gone by carefully, slowly, crunching their way around the bend by the church. It for some reason reminded me of the leaves a couple of months back, I love hearing the noise of leaves when they lay thick upon the ground and you can kick them around. Yes I know it is a different noise but who knows how my mind works...I don't for sure.

Kick Some Leaves

The French word for leaves is feuillage.

The French word for crunch is craquer.


LadyFi said...

Wow - do you live out there, near that gorgeous path in your photo? Stunning!

Does Blucamels mean bluebells in French?

Dave Jones said...

I enjoyed your post, particularly the bit about grit. People here in the UK are getting so uptight about the snow and roads not being gritted. What a waste of energy, if you want to get cross about something find something more worth while; walk rather than drive then the grit issue goes away. Beautiful photo. Thanks Blu.

French Fancy said...

Yes we've also got the same covering but my little hellebores are coping well and giving a bit of colour to the front garden.

Shame the dog kept you awake. I hate that happening because I always imagine a cold chained-up animal kept outside.

Blu said...

LadyFi The gorgeous path,is the ordinary walk in the forest.

Blu is my Internet name and I have a small collection of camels.

Dave Actually was too slippy to walk first thing!

French Fancy The dog has a big cosy barn, so never chained up outside


Beautiful image TFx

Lee said...

The pathway is far from ordinary. Food for a parched soul. Thank you.

bindu said...

This picture is just fantastic! It is among my favourites of all your pictures.