Thursday, February 5, 2009

Special Treatment

I went to my class today, armed with my partly finished or partly unfinished homework.

I think that my French teacher really really likes me. Why is this?


Well I must be special because my teacher asked me to do my homework again. She didn't ask anyone else just me. Yippee so I can impress her all over again with my ta and my ton and my tes, or my use of ses son and sa.

So I am going to award myself a gold medal, or the closest that I can find.

Here is a picture that I took in early November, I thought that it looked like a gold medal, yes I know its really a mushroom but my imagination runs riot.

Forest Gold Medal

The French word for homework is devoirs.
The French word for unfinished is inachevé........oops

Etymology link for achieve.


bindu said...

It does look like a medal. The folds are so clear! You should tell the English group that this teacher likes you. They will be even more jealous! ;)

claire p said...

What a lovely photo. Yes it does look like a medal. Homework, yuck! Glad I don't have anymore of that, good luck with it.

French Fancy said...

That mushroom looks like a ceramic. Are you sure it's not from the gift shop?

It's the cela and celui that drives me mad. These bloomin' French pronouns!

LadyFi said...

Ha ha! Yes, your teacher really does love you!

That is a glorious forest medal! If I were you, I would award myself a big chocolate medal instead...

Robyn said...

Well done! :-) A medal I would enjoy! Beautiful photograph!