Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nut case

Back home and listening to the birds tweeting outside. I have checked the forecast, and its sunny today with a high of 11 degrees, I may visit my gardening blog.

I also have the packing away of various items and washing of clothes. I hate unpacking, it takes me a few days to squirrel away bits and pieces.

Some of you perfectionists walk in instantly put everything away and as if a magic wand has been waved~~~~~~~~gone, well that isn't me.

My picture today is a case I saw last year on the track in the forest, I love the shadow on the track. As you can see this case is half unpacked too.

Nut Case

If you are stuck indoors at work today I hope you can take a walk in the sunshine later.

The French word for suitcase la valise.

The French word for shell on a nut is la coquille.


French Fancy said...

I'm exactly the same as you - I hate unpacking and sorting. I loved the idea of the nut in its case half-unpacked. I bet your dog was happy to see you - or did he travel to the UK as well? It's always a bit of a wake-up call when we take the bichons back to England, it is so much less dog friendly than here

Carol and Chris said...

Me too....Chris always ends up un-packing for me!!

Love your picture :-)

C x

Lee said...

I thought cases came half unpacked.

Or, optimistically, half packed.

LadyFi said...

Oh, you coquille! Teasing me with your talk of mild weather while we are over our ankles in new snow!

I just love that half-packed nut case.. and such a lovely colour too!

Blu said...

The dog travels across La Manche, an overnight ferry means it is sleepy time and so all seems to go fairly well.

Just back from my walk around the village, it is so beautiful here today. I thought that the half unpacked was optimistic.

Megryansmom said...

Good Morning, I hopped over from Lady Fi's. Love the French lesson, I took a year in high school and can only remember a few phrases and the sign of the cross (Catholic school)

Henry the Dog said...

Oh Blu, don't get mum started. She's in a right strop with the unpacking and is very maudlin at the moment, especially as Uncle Hugh's gone off to the UK this morning so she has all his unpacking to do too. Love the chestnut photo, but those cases don't half hurt my paws:(

bindu said...

That's a pretty photo - so colorful! I'm like you too, take my time unpacking. It's too depressing to get back from vacation anyway, so it takes its own time.

claire p said...

No sunshine here today, but plenty of nut cases!