Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not perfect

Today I took a late morning walk around our village.

The woofer and I plodded around the block, which means out of the village around some fields and tracks and back towards the church and then home.

Although the children only just got back to school, because it is Wednesday the young children have the day off. So the school and school yard where silent. The shrubs which line the roads from our village are a long way off showing any signs of buds or blossoms.

The birds were singing, catkins swung in the breeze, the sky was a lovely shade of blue, but colour was hiding from me.

However in the dryed up leaves a bright yellow flower had poked its head out. This flower isnt perfect, but it made me smile.

Less than perfect.
Sometimes less than perfect is very welcome.

The French word for bird song is ramage. or simply chant oiseau.

The French word for catkin is chaton.


Diane said...

Not perfect looks pretty good to me :)

Henry the Dog said...

Hey, spring has sprung n'est-ce pas?

Blu said...

No one is perfect, sometimes I think that we try to hard.

Spring was here but will it stay?

LadyFi said...

Ah - what a brave and beautiful flower!

Carol and Chris said...

Just what you needed to brighten your day!!

C x

French Fancy said...

When I was walking by the canal yesterday evening I kept thinking of you and your lovely photos. You really know how to frame a shot to perfection

Jude said...

Perfect is not good. Striving for... I don't want to 'strive'.
Those tv programmes were a long time ago.

claire p said...

I love celendine. We have loads in the garden and round about. Pople call it a weed but I think it's so pretty.

Who want perfection? How boring would that be?

bindu said...

Sounds like great weather for a walk! It's nice here too, but I'm not able to get out and away from the little things that need to be done.

Lee said...

I absolutely rely on people accepting things that aren't perfect!