Friday, February 27, 2009

Why & a Fly

Earlier I was asked to help find some information by searching the Internet.

First task I was asked if I would find out why the boats that take tourists up the river Seine in Paris are called the Bateau Mouche. Simple eh.. It has been a long time since I went to Paris and I am not sure when or if I will go again but I have taken the trip along the river. Here is another link.

Secondly I was asked to search for a hotel, not in Paris but further afield. But after much browsing and digesting facts I got to that that angry stage where you curse the screen, because when I had found something that might fit the bill but the price was the hardest thing to find!!.....curse, grump, growl. So why dont they want to show me the price?..grrrrrrr.Not simple at all.

Talking to my friend earlier today she reminded me that children constantly ask why. I remember I did. I think that why is good because if there comes a day when we can no longer ask why something bad will have happened.!

My picture today is a fly on a flower taken last summer in the forest.

Mouche & Flower

The French word for browse is parcourir.

The French word for swear word is juron.

The French word for fly is mouche.

Etymology for the word river.



Why? Let's not forget his friend's WHAT, WHEN & HOW :)

Great photo BTW


LadyFi said...

So true... it can be an annoying little word - but a very useful one. I'm always telling my kids to ask why, why and why.

Carol and Chris said...

Asking why is the only way we learn!!!

C x

bindu said...

Most people grow out of asking questions and just accept reality. It's too bad. Lovely details on the flower.