Sunday, March 1, 2009

Around the wrong way

On Thursday my French class resumed, the classes break for the children's school holidays. I had hoped to walk the woofer en route but the chasse (the hunt) has resumed in the forest on Thursdays.

So I arrived far too early.

My teacher gave me a huge book to look through about impressionist artists. I do love all those types of paintings although the only one that I have is on my umbrella!!

The first hour, the beginners class, there were only three of us there and it was tough for me, grammar, grammar, grammar. Hour two the more advanced class more people arrived. We then spent a lot of time learning the words for bark, meow, neigh, oink, baa, etc. Seems to me the brainier ones have got it easy! I knew most of the words because I watch French tv.
Anyway back to the artists, there was one name in the book that I was not so familiar with Gustave Caillebotte, I fell for this street painting in the rain in Paris. Link here and here.

Today's first picture is a horse in a field up the hill, I think that he had been rolling in the mud a bit, he is very friendly, but tosses his head around a lot.

Sepia Cheval
My favorite picture of two horses together is this one that I took at the Comice Agricole last summer where many Breton horses were on show. Mum with her foal.


The French word for rain is pluie.
The French word for although is quoique.
Etymology for the word sepia.


Henry the Dog said...

Mum loves that street scene painting. Mum likes the impressionists. We love your sepia photo. Mum's camera does sepia, but she's not worked out yet how to use it.

LadyFi said...

Love the photos! And good luck with the French lessons.

Blu said...

I dont do the sepia ones very often, I think they are better for Old scenes, but it is fun to experiment.

bindu said...

The painting is amazing. I love the way he captured the light on the paved stones. Cute horses!

Carol and Chris said...

That paining is absolutely stunning!!! They look so elegant don't they. Thanks for sharing :-)

C x