Monday, March 2, 2009

Mondays wash day

I remember way back when there was a song and the first line was "Today's Monday, today's Monday, Mondays washing day is everybody happy".

It got me thinking how many people don't live that kind of life anymore. Women have so much to do these days that everyday might be wash day. I know that we have routines especially if you have to commute into work, but the thought that Monday is wash day!

Yesterday I had hoped to visit Fougeres, but alas it was so misty here it was raining. Must go soon.
Today's pictures are linked with water, and the first one is the Lavoir in Fougeres, I wouldn't want to drop MOH's chemise in the river because the water runs fast. I bet they were a place where people would have a bit of a gossip!
Mondays Wash Day

A stones throw from these Lavoirs are the gates to the Park which lead up to the Jardin Public. Even in December when the flowers had all been cleared away it was a lovely place to visit, at the middle level there is a fountain. I never imagined that I would enjoy formal parks but I do now.

Peaceful Park

I was inspired to search out my watery pictures, when I was reading another blog and the writer mentioned the word mangle, for wringing out your washing. I think my Mum had one when I was very little. Here is a link to Gordon's blog. I hope he posts again soon.

The French word for washing is laver.

The French word for giving your clothes a good scrub is décrasser.

Etymology for the word rub.


The Accidental Fan said...

Blu, honestly, what kind of wonder camera do you have?

None of my photos ever look this good.

Blu said...

A Finepix fujifilm S5700, it isnt very expensive by todays standards. It cost a bit over £100

It has a neck strap which I prefer, but it isnt heavy either. I have had this camera for about a year, and I have worn out some of the symbols on it!! LOL.

Glad that you like my watery pictures.

claire p said...

You do yake a lovely photo. Are you profesional at all? If you're not you should think about it.

French Fancy said...

I could do with a neck strap I think - my hand often wobbles when I'm taking a photo.

I love the butterfly planting on the green

bindu said...

The first picture is so gorgeous! I love this little town and want to visit it some day. I wish we lived in simpler times where every day involved living your life, instead of it being assigned to just weekends now. You look out the window and see no one, and you hardly talk to the neighbors because every one is so busy. So isolated. In the days when Monday was wash day, I'm sure everyone cooked together the previous day so they'd have food for wash day, and spent the day outdoors getting the washing done. Sigh. :)

LadyFi said...

Wow - what wonderful photos! Can you send some of that magical dust my way?

Blu said...

One really good thing about a camera with a neck strap is that you can hold the camera out in front and the strap helps to keep it still.

Carol and Chris said...

God those photo's are good!!! I wish I had half your talent!!

C x