Monday, March 9, 2009

Butterfly Brains

French Fancy wrote about loppers, uum I thought I made a brief start on my gardening last week maybe I should try and do some more today. I had been expecting rain all day and was surprised. A new Blogger (Lust in France) was off to spread muck on her other garden and so I was motivated.

Because I am a butterfly after about 15 minutes I often return to the house to work on my French. I have been choosing small articles from the newspaper and translating them, and then analysing the grammar in the articles too. Interesting to note that the articles always have a picture with them too, funny eh.

So far I have chosen an article about an up and coming local writer, from Fougeres, a restored Lavoir near Antrain, and the latest is about the THT lignes or tres haute tension. (Great big electricity Pylons). These Pylons will stretch all the way from Cherbourg up through Calvados and through the Ille et Vilaine and onwards through Mayenne. The local mayors who oppose these new lines have used their right to be heard in court.
I am such a blog hog that I use a small kitchen timer and when it goes off after 10 minutes I go back to my other chores..
Back in fifteen minutes...more strawberries to move!

Here is a picture of a butterfly taken last summer on our laurel hedge, its a fairly long hedge and shows signs of growing this years new coat.

Garden Visitor.

Oh and back to the newspaper articles, one of the reasons that I am analysing the French text is because I think that my brain may have been fluttering elsewhere when they taught English grammar!!..oops...or maybe I didn't go that day, I cant remember.

The French word for onwards is continuer.

The French word for passes through is traverser

Etymology for the word oppose


LadyFi said...

How very disciplined of you to use a timer to make sure you don't blog too much... I think it's something I ought to be doing... I can't.. but I should!

Blu said...

I use my timer to make myself do jobs that I hate too. So I iron for 15 minutes. It works fairly well!

Robyn said...

What's worse than a blog hog? I must be a blog heffalump because I am totally addicted ...and I would definitely ignore the timer.
I have to admire you for taking every opportunity to learn french. I took it for one year at school (way back when) and it didn't come easyily to me.

Robyn said...


Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi Blu!

I left copious and loquacious comments over on your music site only to look at the date and see your last posting was a few months back. BUT I LOVE IT THERE!!!!! PLEASE don't stop posting those. We share musical tastes and I love all the newness you brought to me!

Okay, am I begging effectively? Oh and THANK YOU for signing up to follow (I'm following you over at the music - and I'm alone - I'll bring friends!) and for your comments. Welcome!

Jude said...

Think I should go out and buy a very loud timer..........

Blu said...

Robyn, So you spend a lot of time looking at fantastic stuff on the Internet and then share it with us. Bravo xx

Robins Ravings..something odd happened with my Music blog and I have had to start all over again!

Jude get a timer it works.

French Fancy said...

Oh Blu, I love the way you write so much - and then your pictures are the icing on the cake - and lots of cheesy stuff like that (but I do mean it)

We're beginning French lessons again this Friday - one to one with a teacher from Vannes, which is a long way from us but he is meant to be superb. We both speak quite good French but have developed some bad habits with the grammar.

The timer thing is a very good idea, although if I was sitting studying or working I'd hate it. Ironing sounds a good buzzer pursuit

bindu said...

Lovely butterfly picture. I have so much going on right now that I can't spend much time reading all the blogs I like to read ... but a timer is a good idea!